About Us

Small Wind Conference Coordinating Committee Members

The Small Wind Conference had its genesis in 2004 at an informal gathering of wind energy professionals at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s annual fair. The current SWC coordinating committee and a few more key players saw the need for an event that would support honest, open dialogue between installers and manufacturers of home-scale wind-electric systems.

From its “cozy” first conference in 2005 with only 42 participants, the Small Wind Conference has grown into an internationally recognized and highly regarded networking opportunity for everyone who’s anyone in small wind. Manufacturers, installers, distributors, site assessors, policy makers, advocates, educators, and other wind energy professionals attend the conference to keep up to date on the industry, improve their knowledge, and share their experiences.

The Small Wind Conference coordinating committee is currently group of six small wind experts who founded and have developed the conference since its inception. The coordinating committee is responsible for the program, format, and direction of the conference.

This group includes Roy Butler, Trudy Forsyth, Jenny Heinzen, Mick Sagrillo, and Brent Summerville

Roy Butler, Four Winds Renewable Energy

Roy Butler is the owner of Four Winds Renewable Energy located in Arkport, NY. In 1997 he founded Four Winds and took his home and business off-grid. He has over 20 years of design and installation experience which covers grid-tie and off-grid wind electric, solar electric and solar water pumping systems.

Although he still installs systems, he currently divides his time between providing technical support for Midnite Solar, attending trade shows and brewing (and sampling!) hard cider.


In addition to this Roy is:

• A NABCEP Certified PV installer and a NYSERDA eligible installer of PV and wind grid tie electric systems in NY
• Chair of the NABCEP Small Wind Entry Level Exam committee
• Past Chair and Co-Chair of several NABCEP Small Wind Technical Review, Job Task Analysis and Exam Committees
• Technical Support Manager at MidNite Solar, Inc
• A board member of  NABCEP and past board member of the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC)
• Co-developer (with Mick Sagrillo) of a Small Wind Installer Trainer Curriculum for eight Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.
• A founding member and past board member of the Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA)
• Recipient of the 2008 SWC Small Wind Installer of the Year award
• A small wind and/ or PV instructor for various organizations, including NYSERDA, Long Island Power Authority, Minn. Renewable Energy Society, Windustry, Solar Energy International, MSU Extension Service, and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, the NY CET Consortium and various NY colleges.
• A presenter of more than 160 workshops and presentations on solar pv, wind, pv/wind hybrid systems, and solar water pumping for the North Country Energy Fair, Vermont Solar Fest, PA Renewable Energy Festival, Midwest Renewable Energy Assoc., Cornell Cooperative Extension, Endless Mountains (PA) RC&D Council, Sustainable Energy Fund (PA), SEEDS, AWEA and others


 Trudy Forsyth

Wind Advisors Team Managing Director Trudy Forsyth is a leader in the small and distributed wind consulting field, with over two decades of experience in wind technology. Most recently she was the technical lead for the Distributed Wind Energy Association’s SMART Wind Consortium project and a co-author of IRENA’s report on quality infrastructure for small wind turbines, policymakers and solar water heaters. Prior to that, she led the U.S. Department of Energy/National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) small and distributed wind program for 18 years, where she helped develop distributed wind market and programmatic strategies, facilitated design of new U.S. small wind turbines, organized unaccredited and accredited testing of prototypes and commercial turbines to standards, co-led the development of international and national standards, and led the development of the U.S. distributed wind marketing and education materials. She also coordinated efforts between the NREL/National Wind Technology Center technical staff and U.S. manufacturers for publishing turbine field performance and test reports.

Trudy co-led the development of the second and third revisions of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Small Wind Turbine Design standard (61400-2) and the International Energy Agency Recommended Practice on Consumer Labeling of Small Wind Turbines. She has authored and co-authored technical papers on small wind turbines on topics including design features, economics, and commonalities in the U.S. marketplace between photovoltaics and small wind.

Trudy has received recognition for her leadership in distributed wind and her community contributions, including NREL’s Outstanding Community/Professional Staff Award (2003), an International Renewable Energy Council Special Recognition Award (2005), Green Energy Economy’s Top 10 Women in Wind and Solar (2010), Windustry’s Community Wind Advocate Award (2016), and a 1906 award from the IEC. Trudy was also recognized by the American Solar Energy Society as the 2012 Woman in Solar Energy and by Women of Wind Energy as the Woman of the Year in 2014. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado-Denver.

Trudy currently serves as a board member for the Distributed Wind Energy Association and a member of AWEA’s Wind Standards Committee. She is the co-founder and a past president of Women of Wind Energy.



Jenny Heinzen, Curriculum and Training Coordinator, Midwest Renewable Energy Association

Jenny is the Training Coordinator for the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) in Custer, Wisconsin, where she writes and edits curriculum, schedules and facilitates training, and teaches many PV and small wind courses.

She’s a licensed Master Electrician in Wisconsin, holds a degree in Career and Technical Education from UW-Stout, and did her graduate studies at UW-Green Bay in Environmental Science and Policy.

She’s a board member of RENEW Wisconsin, and volunteers for many sister committees and organizations in her spare time.

For fun, she loves troubleshooting orphaned turbines, working on her “fashionably utilitarian” humble abode, kayaking, shoveling snow, fighting NIMBYs, and mixing whiskey with yoga.


Mick Sagrillo, Sagrillo Power & Light

  Mick Sagrillo has worked with small wind for over 32 years. His current professional small wind involvement includes:


  • Distributed Wind Energy Association founding member and Board of Director member and current Secretary.
  • Co-Chair (with Roy Butler) of the NABCEP Small Wind Technical Committee.
  • Small Wind Certification Council Board of Directors, founding member, and current vice president.
  • Planned, organized, and presented at hundreds of wind and wind installation workshops over the past 25 years, both nationally and internationally.
  • Developed (with Roy Butler) the Small Wind Installer Trainer Curriculum Project for eight Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, and funded by the Minnesota Division of Energy Resources and the Department of Commerce under a US Department of Labor Contract.
  • Developed (with Roy Butler) the ISPQ-recognized Small Wind Site Assessor Training for SUNY Ulster College in NY.
  • Developed the Wind Site Assessor Training and Certification Program for Focus on Energy and for the Midwest Renewable Energy Association as well as the MREA’s Wind System Installer, Design Considerations, and Maintenance and Repair workshops.
  • Conference presenter at dozens of wind and renewable energy conferences.
  • Columnist for the American Solar Energy Associations Solar Today Magazine, the American Wind Energy Association’s Windletter,  and author of hundreds of articles for various publications, including Home Power Magazine.
  • Co-author of the book, Power from the Wind, with Dan Chiras and Ian Woofenden, and contributor to a number of other books on small wind.
  • RENEW Wisconsin, founder and  Board of Directors member for the past 20 years, and current vice-president.
  • Developed and the primary contributor to the Small Wind Toolboxes, an on-line resource for Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy, on the RENEW Wisconsin web site.
  • Recipient of the first Small Wind Advocacy Award, by the Department of Energy’s Wind Powering America in conjunction with the American Wind Energy Association’s Windpower 2005 Conference, as well as many other awards and recognitions.
  • NABCEP Certified Small Wind Installer.


Brent Summerville PE, Technical Director, Small Wind Certification Council

Brent Summerville is a licensed professional engineer in the State of North Carolina with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and a Masters in Appropriate Technology from Appalachian State University (ASU).



He gained experience with small wind turbines while serving as the manager of the ASU Small Wind Research & Demonstration Site on Beech Mountain.

He received an award in 2009 from the Wind Powering America Program for serving as an ‘Outstanding Young Wind Advocate’.

He has co-authored small wind publications for Home Power magazine and presented at the annual AWEA Windpower conference, Small Wind Conference in Wisconsin, International Small Wind Conference, and Small Wind Association of Testers workshops.

Brent serves as a member of the maintenance team for IEC 61400-2, the IEC Certification Advisory Council, the USTAG for IEC TC88, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Small Wind Committee, a UL Standard Technical Panel and Small Wind Conference LLC.

He leads regional workshops and presentations on wind energy, solar energy and microhydro power.

Brent stays in touch with real technology by designing, engineering, installing and maintaining numerous local renewable energy systems.

Brent now serves as the Technical Director of the Small Wind Certification Council.