The 2012 Small Wind Conference Presentations

Day One- Tuesday June 12th

Keynote address by Dan Juhl, Juhl Wind, Inc.

Session One- Important Updates for Installers

Small Wind Installer Certification– Karin Sinclair, NREL

NABCEP Wind Certifications and Small Wind Entry Level Program– Tehri Parker, NABCEP

The Future of Small Wind Site Assessor Certification– Mick Sagrillo and Karin Sinclair

Session Two- More Updates

Distributed Wind Energy Association Update– Jennifer Jenkins, DWEA Executive Director

Group Liability Insurance for Installers and Site Assessors– Alan Virgil, South Bay Risk Management

Session Three- Manufacturers on the ITAC List

ITAC’s Unified List of Turbines– Val Stori, Interstate Turbine Advisory Council

Evance Wind– Darrin Russell

Bergey Windpower– Scott Merrick

Southwest Windpower– Ross Taylor

Endurance Windpower– Jeff MacAulay

Gaia Wind– Craig Jones

Seaforth Energy– John Simon

Session Four- Testing and Development

Validation of the New 3120 Wind Turbine Blade– Jeff MacAulay, Endurance Windpower

A Great Leap Forward in Small Wind Turbine Certification– Brent Summerville, Technical Director, SWCC

Testing 101- How Dick and Jane Installer Should Look at the Specs and Make Sense of Them– Ken Starcher, Alternative Energy Institute, West Texas A&M

Turbine Development & Field Testing: What Manufacturers Should be Doing– Jim Jarvis, APRS World

Day Two- Wednesday June 13th

Session One- Manufacturers Forum

Renewegy, LLC– Jeff Eilers

Ventera Energy– Thomas Williams

Sonkyo Energy– Dan Johnson

Kingspan Wind- Proven– James Maher

Black Island Wind Turbines– Pat Quinlan, CEO

Session Two- Public Acceptance of Small Wind

Michigan’s Landmark Small Wind Lawsuit– Tom Gallery, North Wind Measurement

How to Hamper the Permitting of a Small Wind System– Gary Harcourt, Great Rock Windpower

How to Get Decision Makers to Move–Improving the Permitting Climate in the US– Mike Bergey, Bergey Windpower

Session Three- Resource Assessment

What Works (and doesn’t work) in a Small Wind Site Assessment– Amy Taivalkoski, ALT Energy

Lessons Learned from the Analyst’s Perspective– Cullen Kasunic, Wind Analytics

Herding Chickens and Harnessing the Wind- One Site Assessor’s Perspective– Maureen Faller, Kettle View Renewable Energy

Small Wind M&V Results and Recommendations– Rich Hasselman, GDS Associates

Session Four- Permitting Issues

Small Wind Turbine Sound Primer for the Installer– Brian Vick, USDA Agricultural Research Service

Wet Stamps–Problems and Solutions– David Laino, Endurance Windpower

An On-Line Tool for Complying with USF&W Guidelines– Steve Woll,

Session Five- Case Studies

Small Wind Power at Institutions and Public Facilities– Alex DePillis, WES Engineering

New York’s Remote Net Metering Law– Padma Kasthgrirangan, Niagara Wind and Solar, Inc.

Assessing Potential Wind-Electric System Customers–Who is Right for Wind? – Roy Butler, Four Winds Renewable Energy, LLC

Introduction to Small Wind JEDI– Suzanne Tegen, NREL

Poster Presentations

AWEA 2011 Small Wind Market Report – Larry Flowers, AWEA Deputy Director Distributed and Community Wind

Creating a Community Wind Park for Education and Research – Randy Richmond, Right Hand Engineering

Shadow Flicker – Simple Methods to Evaluate a SiteTom Gallery, North Wind Measurement

Turbine Sound Propagation – Tom Gallery –  North Wind Measurement

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