The 2013 Small Wind Conference Presentations

Day One- Tuesday June 18th

Keynote Address by Megan Amsler, Executive Director, Cape and Islands Self Reliance- How Small Wind Can Have a Big Impact

Session One- Empirical Results and Quantitative Whatnot

Session Two- Adventures in Wind Resource Assessment – A Comparison of Several Site Assessment Techniques and Protocols to Actual Production of Two Wind Turbines in Close Proximity

Session Three- Innovative Designs

Session Four-

Day Two- Wednesday June 19th

Session One- What on Earth is Happening to the US Small Wind Market—Panel Discussion

Session Two- Small Wind Markets from a Manufacturer’s Perspective

Session Three/ Track A—How to Make Sense of Small Wind and Financials

Session Three/ Track B—Buying, Selling, Installing, and Living Off-Grid

Session Four/ Track A—Industry Updates

Session Four/ Track B—Off-Grid Technical Issues

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