2016 Small Wind Conference Presentations


The Keynote address by Morten Victor Petersen, Chair of World Wind Energy Association Small Wind

Session 1: Manufacturer Updates
Moderator: Roy Butler
Breath of Fresh Air- Paul Dawson, Eocycle
Weaver Wind Update- Art Weaver
EWP- The Future Looks Bigger- David Laino, Endurance Power

Session 2: Technology Innovations
Moderator: Brent Summerville
Reducing Levelized COE by Using Aerodynamic Flow Deflectors- Arturo Villegas, XSPEED Turbine Technology
Silicon-Carbide Inverters for Small Wind- Addressing the Single-Phase Gap- Rob Wills, Intergrid
Motors and Drives for Small Wind Turbines- Jonathon Doyle and Dee Chattergee, Dunkermotoren USA
Wind Turbine Blade Structural Testing: An Overview- Daniel Valyou, Clarkson University

Session 3: Markets: The US, Infinity and Beyond
Moderator: Trudy Forsyth
Preview of 2015 Distributed Wind Market Report- Alice Orrell, PNNL
The Hard Truth About Soft Costs- Tony Jiminez, NREL
Lessons Learned from PV Soft Cost Reduction- Mia Devine, NW SEED
Built Environment Wind Turbines: Case Studies And Lessons Learned- Ian Baring-Gould, NREL

Session 4: Where Do We Go From Here?

A Free Form Discussion Between Mick Sagrillo and Mike Bergey- no presentations

Day Two • Wednesday, June 17

Session 5: Condition and Health Monitoring Strategies
Moderator: Brent Summerville
Low-cost Monitoring and Control of Small Wind Turbines Using IoT Modules- Rob Wills, Intergrid
Reliable Anemometers to Improve Small Wind Performance- Gordon Bease, FT Americas LLC
Discussion- What do Installers Need to Know to Respond to O&M?- Everyone

Session 6: Lessons From The Field
Moderator: Jenny Heinzen
Distributed Wind Resource Assessment: State of the Industry- Heidi Tinnesand, NREL

The Evolution of a Small Wind Business- Randy Faller, Kettle View Renewable Energy
Distributed Wind Permitting in New York- Effects of the Model Zoning Ordinance- Padma Kasthurirangan, Niagara Wind and Solar

Session 7: Tower & Turbine Dynamics: The Force is Strong!
Moderator: Jenny Heinzen
The Importance of System Dynamic Modeling for Small Wind Turbines-Part 1Part 2Part 3Paul Migliore, Anemergonics
Validation of Simplified Load Equations Through Load Measurements and Modeling of a Small HAWT Tower-  Scott Dana, NREL

Session 8: Micro-Grid and Self-Consumptive Systems
Moderator: Roy Butler
Self-Consumption Zero-Export InvertersRyan Stankevitz, Midnite Solar
Energy Storage- Time to Get the Lead Out?Roy Butler, Four Winds Renewable Energy, LLC
What’s New in Energy Storage- An Overview of NiFe and Lithium Battery Technology- Jim Parish, J-Tech Solar Training

Session 9: SMART Wind Project
SMART Wind: What We Did and Where To Now?- Trudy Forsyth and Brent Summerville


The 2015 Small Wind Conference Presentations

Keynote Speaker by Roger Dixon, Skylands Renewable Energy

Session 1: New Wind Technology—Turbines
Moderator: Brent Summerville
Weaver Wind Energy, Concept to Reality in 5 Years-  Art Weaver, Weaver Wind
Digital Turbine in an Analog World, T701 Improvement-   Tony Nuzzo, Pika Energy
Ghrepower TurbinesChris Zhao, Enwind

Session 2: New Wind Technology—Bits & Pieces
Moderator: Roy Butler
Slip Synchronous PMG-   Ernie Aylward, Stellenbosch Wind
Getting High: Lighter, Taller, Monopole Towers-   Tim Olsen, AnemErgonics
Zero Contact TransmissionBill Higdon, Windtech

Session 3: Compliance Ain’t Optional
Moderator: Jenny Heinzen
Acoustic Performance Testing on Small Wind TurbinesByron Neal, UL
Compliance Ain’t OptionalRob Wills, Intergrid
IEEE1547: Change is Coming—Will you be Ready?Robert Preus, NREL

Session 4: What’s Working; What Needs Work Moderator: Mick Sagrillo
Northwest Wind Center’s Permitting ToolkitMia Devine, NW SEED
Getting Involved- Farmer/Consumer Turns Maintainer- Phil Coombe, NY system owner
Adventures in Wind System Grounding—Tales From AfieldRoy Butler, Four Winds
What’s New in Wind Site Assessments & Technology Charles Newcomb, Endurance 

Day Two • Wednesday, June 17

Session 5: SMART Wind—Reducing Installed Costs
Moderator: Trudy Forsyth
Installation Videos- Brent Summerville, Technical Co-Lead
SMART Wind Consortium Project Introduction- Trudy Forsyth, Technical Lead
An Installer Project Manager’s Perspective- Roger Dixon, Support Structure Lead

Session 6: Manufacturer Updates
Moderator: Brent Summerville
Northern Power, Commercial DW and Community WindDarrin Russell, NPS
Endurance Wind Power- New Lessons, New ProductsCharles Newcomb, Endurance
Small Wind, Alive and WellMike Bergey, Bergey Wind Power

Session 7: Off-Grid Applications
Moderator: Ian Woofenden
Comparing WT10 Performance: Tower vs. Building MountedJames Jarvis, APRS World
TriStar High-Voltage MPPT Controllers for Small WindDouglas Grubbs, Morningstar
MidNite Classic/Clipper Combo for WindRyan Stankevitz, MidNite Solar
Homebuilt & Off-Grid in NebraskaDan Bartmann & Roy Rakobitsch
Hybrid Off-Grid TelecommChris Mishmash, Copper Valley Telecom

Session 8: Happening SWT Projects
Moderator: Trudy Forsyth
An overview of DOE Distributed Wind Program Bret Barker- New West Technologies
Preview of the 2014 Distributed Wind Market ReportAlice Orrell, PNNL
US Support for Distributed Wind Technology ImprovementsKarin Sinclair, NREL
Distributed Wind Market Diffusion Model ResultsRobert Preus, NREL
Lessons from a Small Wind Trial in IrelandNiall McMahon, Trinity College Dublin
Virginia Wind for Schools—A New DirectionJonathan Miles, James Madison Univ.

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