2014 Small Wind Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

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The 10th annual Small Wind Conference will be held June 16–18, 2014 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center. This pivotal event brings together small wind installers, site assessors, manufacturers, dealers and distributors, supply chain stakeholders, educators, public benefits program managers, and advocates—all working together to move the small wind industry forward.

Organized by the Small Wind Conference LLC, this gathering of small winds’ best minds and promoters is a source of continuing education and information as we collectively harness the wind to power homes, schools, farms, businesses, and now transportation—a growing opportunity. The Small Wind Conference offers excellent opportunities for marketing and promotion of your business to a select audience in a position to significantly advance your products and services through the North American market.

The Conference precedes the MREA’s Energy Fair, with attendance of more than 15,000 from the general public. Attending both events maximizes your company’s time and travel expenses.

Sponsorship packages are available at various levels, with associated benefits that will highlight your company. Find out more and reserve your opportunity by contacting conference manager Samantha Smart Merritt at 612-655-5363 or samantha@smallwindconference.com.

Neodymium Decade Sponsor • $10,000

New for the 10-year anniversary of the Small Wind Conference! Neodymium, one of the seventeen rare earth elements, is used to create the world’s most powerful magnets. As such, the Neodymium Decade Sponsor will garner the most abundant of conference marketing opportunities, including:

* Exclusive sponsor of the single most important event of the Small Wind Conference—Tuesday night’s social—where merriment, genius, and gay abandon ensue. We will work with you to uniquely celebrate your brand.

* Top level sponsor billing—with logo on conference Web pages, posters, program, T-shirt, and Windjammer newsletter

* Premier exhibit space included

* Six complimentary registrations ($2,250 value)

* Up to three complimentary room nights at the Holiday Inn

Neodymium, derived from the Greek words new and twin, was discovered by Austrian chemist Baron Carl Auer von
Welsbach in 1885 by means of fractional crystallization of the double ammonium nitrate tetrahydrates from nitric acid. What the hell does this mean? Damn! This means that we will double our efforts to make you feel that this marketing investment is the single best decision you have made in your entire career!


Gold Hard Hat Sponsor • $7,500

The Gold Hard Hat Sponsor protects the brains and brawn of the Small Wind Conference. Benefits of this lofty sponsorship include:

* Exclusive sponsor of the Monday evening social—all the bells & whistles!

* Four-hour workshop space on Monday or Thursday morning or afternoon

* Complimentary exhibit space in a stellar location

* Premiere sponsor billing—with logo on conference Web site, posters, program, T-shirt, and Windjammer newsletter

* Five complimentary registrations ($1,875 value)


Silver Wrench Sponsor – $5,000

Nothing happens without the essential tools of the trade.

Silver Wrench Sponsors will be celebrated with the following benefits:

* Lunchtime slide show

* Exhibit space in a premier location

* Sponsor logo on souvenir T-shirt

* Sponsor logo on conference Web site, posters, program, and Windjammer newsletter

* Four complimentary registrations ($1,500 value)


Our 2014 Wind Bag Sponsor: Underwriters Laboratory (UL) • $4,000

The Wind Bag sponsor gets exclusive recognition with logo on the one-of-a-kind conference tote bag, plus:

* Complimentary exhibit space

* Sponsor logo on souvenir T-shirt

* Custom bag design with sponsor logo, Web site, posters, program, and Windjammer newsletter

* Three complimentary registrations ($1,125 value)


             Lunch Sponsors-$3000

Small wind manufacturers, installers, site assessors, educators, and advocates get very hungry moving the small wind industry forward. Small Wind Conference Lunch Sponsors will be feted and their praises sung with:

* Sponsor recognition at both lunches

* Complimentary exhibit space

* Lunch Sponsor logo on souvenir T-shirt

* Logo on conference Web site, posters, program, and Windjammer newsletter

* Three complimentary registrations ($1,125 value)


 Breakfast Sponsors-$2000

Mom always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and so it is. Small Wind Conference Breakfast Sponsors help start an action-packed day out right, and will be honored with:

* Sponsor recognition at both breakfasts

* Complimentary exhibit space

* Logo on souvenir T-shirt, Web site, posters, program, and Windjammer newsletter

* Two complimentary registrations ($750 value)


              Conference Sponsors-$1000

Show your support for this one-of-a-kind annual event, where the wind knows no boundaries. Small Wind Conference Sponsors will be listed with name and logo:

* On the Small Wind Conference Web site, program, posters, and Windjammer newsletter

* Sponsor name listed on our commemorative T-shirts

* Exhibit space is included

* One free conference registration is included ($375 value)


Refreshments Sponsors-$500

Sponsorships for installers, site assessors, educators, advocates, and all friends of the wind! Choose your special name, such as:

* Roy’s Keg Blows Four Strong Winds

* eFormative Munchies

* Drinking Lake Michigan’s Wind & Sun

* Women of Wind Energy’s Wild Elixir

Conference attendees will toast you heartily, and remember your business!

You get the idea! Name the Conference’s best pleasures in your business’s image so that we can toast you heartily!!

Sponsor Exhibit Information

(Space is limited! – Sponsors receive preference)

Conference Exhibitors command the attention of this premiere audience.

All sponsor and exhibitor booths will be around the perimeter of the large Exhibit Hall. All meals, breaks, and socials will be hosted in the center of this hall. This arrangement maximizes exposure of sponsors and exhibitors to all attendees throughout the two day conference.

Exhibitors will receive an 8’ deep x 10’ wide table space to present information on their products and work to the assembled audience.

Tables include electricity, linens and chairs.

Exhibitors must pass the selection criteria outlined below by submitting information for the Conference Committee’s review:

 Exhibitor Criteria for the Small Wind Conference

1. Exhibitor must have a product or service currently for sale in the US

2. Products must have a firm price tag and a warranty.

3. Only turbine exhibitors having AWEA and/ or MCS certified turbines on the following lists will be considered:

SWCC list of certified small wind turbines at


Interstate Turbine Advisory Council’s (ITAC) Unified List of Turbines at


Intertek Small Wind Certification Directory at


4. All booth applications must be reviewed and approved by the Small Wind Conference Coordinating Committee.

Conference Sponsors will receive preference on Exhibit Hall space arrangements and space is limited to only 30 exhibits –so do not delay! For more information on Sponsorship Opportunities and Exhibitor Criteria for the Small Wind Conference, contact Samantha Smart Merritt at 612-655-5363 or samantha@smallwindconference.com

Our Policies

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  • Foreign wire transfers- a $75.00 fee will be added to the invoice amount

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations 30 days prior to the conference will be refunded 50% of the exhibitor fee.
  • Cancellations less than 30 days prior and “no shows” will not be eligible for a refund.