The 2014 Small Wind Conference Agenda

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Monday, June 16th

Afternoon-  SWCC Board Meeting

All day- Exhibitor Set-up

6:00-10:00 pm- Social and Games in Exhibit Hall, Poster Sessions Open

Tuesday, June 17

Day One

8:00-9:00   Registration and Breakfast

9:00-9:15   Welcome to the 10th Annual Event!

9:15-10:00   Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dennis Scanlin

10:00-10:30   Break;   Exhibit Hall Open

10:30-12:00   What’s New from the Manufacturers

  • Advancing Through Adversity   Mike Bergey, Bergey Wind Power
  • Adding Value to Customers Through Increased Availability and Reduced Maintenance   Claude Bourget, Eocycle Technologies
  • Innovations in Home Wind Turbine Technology   Joshua Kaufman, Pika
  • Ampair and Westwind   David Sharman, Ampair
  • Go Big or Go Home! The New and Improved NPS 100-24 IEC Class III Rotor Blows All Others Away! Trevor Atkinson, Northern Power Systems

12:00-1:00   Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

1:00-2:30   O&M and Warranties

  • A Comparison of Five Companies on Unscheduled Maintenance, O&M, Warranty, and Tech Support   Randy Faller, Kettle View Renewable Energy
  • Warranties From a Manufacturer’s Perspective   Mike Bergey, Bergey Wind Power
  • Warranty: What Works and What Doesn’t   Lisa Di Francisco, REVision Consulting. LLC
  • Seeing Both Sides of the Vendor/Installer Relationship   Steve Wilke, Delta Engineering and Design

2:30-3:00   Break;   Exhibit Hall Open

3:00-4:15   Towers

  • Integrating Ideas From Related Industries Into Small Wind Towers   Gunes Demirbas, G-Tower
  • Bolt Torquing Best Practices   Padma Kasthurirangan, Niagara Wind & Solar
  • Explaining the Draft ANSI/TIA Design Supplement for Small Wind Turbine Support Structures   Aaron Woiwode, ROHN Products
  • The Ins & Outs, Ups & Downs of Wind Turbine Towers  Gary Harcourt, Great Rock Windpower

4:15-4:45   Break;   Exhibit Hall Open

4:45-6:00   Engineers Gone Wild

  • Vertical and Horizontal Axis Turbines: a Technical and Practical Comparison   Lain Nieto Gomez, DEWI-OCC (UL)
  • Development and Analysis of a Swept Blade Aerolastic Model for a Small Wind Turbine   Robert Preus, NREL
  • The Complexities of Modeling the Jacobs 31-20 in FAST  Jeff Minnema, Jeff Minnema Consulting, LLC
  • Neodymium Magnets – What is Making People Crazy?   Todd Hanley, Delta Engineering and Design

6:00-10:00   Social in the Exhibit Hall

7:00-8:30   DWEA/NIST SMART Wind Introduction: Meet & Greet Consortium Participants

 Wednesday, June 18

Day Two

7:30- Women of Small Wind Energy Breakfast

8:00-9:00   Registration and Breakfast

9:00-9:05   Welcome back! Updates and Announcements

9:05-9:35   Opening Speaker: Mythbusting 101   David Laino, Endurance Wind Power

9:35-10:30   Codes, Standards, and Safety

  • Small Wind Turbine Electrical Safety   Joseph Spossey, Intertek
  • 2014 NEC and Small Wind – What You Need to Know   Rob Wills, Intergrid
  • The Future of Distributed Generation and IEEE 1547   Robert Preus, NREL

AWEA Standard Announcement   Trudy Forsyth

10:30-11:00   Break;   Exhibit Hall Open

11:00-12:15   Certification and Testing

  • Mining Certification Data for Gems   Brent Summerville, SWCC
  • Wind Turbine Certification: a Global Market Perspective   Joseph Spossey, Intertek
  • Behind the Scenes at ITAC: What Goes Into Reviewing a Turbine?   Val Stori, ITAC
  • Field Testing of a Modern Historical Wind System: What we Learn From the Past Makes Small Wind’s Future Even Better   Ken Starcher, David Carr, and Pat Quinlan – AEI and Black Island Wind Turbines
  • Brief Update on the New UL/WTAMU Advanced Wind Turbine Test Facility  UL

12:15-12:30 Small Wind Conference Awards Ceremony

12:30-1:30   Lunch

1:30-2:45   Site Assessment and Siting Issues

  • Applying the USFWS Tiered Approach to Distributed Wind Projects   Charles Newcomb, Endurance Wind Power
  • An Update on the Small Wind Site Assessor Guidance Document   Karen Sinclair, NREL
  • Site Assessments When the Manufacturer has a Stake in the Performance   Charles Newcomb, Endurance Wind Power

2:45-3:15   Break;   Exhibit Hall Open

 3:15-4:30   Concurrent Breakout Sessions:

A: Distributed Wind Market and Policy

  • Minnesota Distributed Wind Market Assessment   Lise Trudeau, Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources
  • Previews of the 2013 Market Report on U.S. Wind Technologies in Distributed Applications and DOE’s Wind Vision   Alice Orrell, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • A Model for Predicting Distributed Wind Market Diffusion   Robert Preus, NREL
  • Brief Update on the USDA REAP Program  USDA
  • Where are the Best Markets for Distributed Wind?   Heather Rhoads-Weaver, eFormative Options

B: Off-Grid Issues and Technology

  • Micro Wind for Remote Sites   James Jarvis, APRS World
  • Large DC-Buss Hybrid Systems for Village Power and Mobile Phone Sites   Mike Bergey, Bergey Wind Power
  • From Off-grid to On-grid   John Meyer, Outback
  • Wind and Solar Off-grid: A Perfect Marriage?   Dan Fink, Otherpower

4:30-5:00   Break;   Exhibit Hall Open

5:00-5:55   Closing Session: Looking Forward

  • New Regional Partnerships and Resources   Suzanne Tegen, NREL
  • Leasing- the New Path to Success  Tal Mamo, United Wind
  • Surviving in Small Wind: Can the US learn from the UK?  David Sharman, Ampair
  • How Micro-grids Will Shape the Future   Robert Preus, NREL

5:55-6:00   Wrap-up and Adjourn

6:00-10:00   Social in the Exhibit Hall

Thursday, June 19

Post Conference Events:

8:30 – 9:30  DWEA Membership Meeting

9:30 – 11:30  DWEA Board Meeting

1:00 – 4:00 AWEA Standard stakeholder meeting.

Note: If you plan to attend this meeting, please reserve your seat by contacting Trudy Forsyth at

PM  (time TBA) Installer Working Groups

Be sure to stay and attend the

The 25th Annual Energy Fair

 Friday June 20 through Sunday June 22

Want to see what you missed at the 2013 conference?

Check out page 2 for last year’s agenda!


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