The 12th Annual Small Wind Conference

Holiday Inn & Conference Center, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

June 13-15, 2016

Conference Agenda

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Monday, June 13

Afternoon-              Exhibitor Set-Up

6:00–10:00 pm-    Social in Exhibit Hall


Day One • Tuesday, June 14

8:00–9:00               Registration and Breakfast

9:00                          Welcome to the 12th Annual Small Wind Conference

9:15                          Keynote Speaker:

Morten Victor Petersen, Chair of World Wind Energy Association Small Wind

10:15                         Break • Exhibit Hall Open


10:45                         Session 1: Manufacturer Updates  

Moderator:  Roy Butler

Breath of Fresh Air-    Paul Dawson, Eocycle

Weaver Wind Update-    Art Weaver, Weaver Wind 

Endurance Wind Power – The Future Looks Bigger-    David Laino, PhD, Endurance Wind Power 

12:00–1:00              Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

1:00-    Session 2: Technology Innovations

Moderator:  Brent Summerville

Reducing Levelized Cost of Energy by Using Aerodynamic Flow Detectors Technology-    Arturo Villegas, PhD, XSPEED Turbine

Silicon-Carbide Inverters for Small-Wind – Addressing the Single-Phase Gap-    Rob Wills, PhD, Intergid

Motors and Drives for Small Wind Turbines-    Jonathan Doyle and Dee Chattergee, Dunkermotoren USA

Wind Turbine Blade Structural Testing: An Overview-    Daniel Valyou, Clarkson University Blade Testing Facility

2:30                         Break • Exhibit Hall Open

3:00–    Session 3:  Markets; The U.S., Infinity and Beyond

Moderator:  Trudy Forsyth

Preview of 2015 Distributed Wind Market Report-    Alice Orrell, PNNL

The Hard Truth about Soft Costs-    Tony Jimenez, NREL

Lessons Learned from PV Soft Cost Reduction-    Mia Devine, NW SEED

Built Environment Wind Turbines: Case Studies and Lessons Learned from the Field-    Ian Baring-Gould, NREL

4:30                           Break • Exhibit Hall Open

5:00-    Session 4: Where Do We Go From Here?

Moderator:  Mick Sagrillo

Mike Bergey, Bergey Windpower

Paul Gipe,

6:00                           Adjourn

6:00–10:00             Social in the Exhibit Hall


Day Two • Wednesday, June 15

8:00                           Registration and Breakfast

                                    Women of Small Wind Energy Breakfast

9:00                           Welcome Back! Updates and Announcements

9:05-    Session 5:  Condition and Health Monitoring Strategies

Moderator:  Brent Summerville

Low-cost Monitoring and Control of Small Wind Turbines Using Internet of Things (IoT) Modules-    Rob Wills, PhD, Intergrid

Reliable Anemometers to Improve Small Wind Performance-    Gordon Bease, FT Americas LLC

Discussion – What do installers need to know to respond to O&M? – Everyone

9:50-    Session 6:  Lessons from the Field

Moderator:  Jenny Heinzen

Distributed Wind Resource Assessment: State of the Industry-    Heidi Tinnesand, NREL

The Evolution of a Small Wind Business-    Randy Faller, Kettle View Renewable Energy

Distributed Wind Permitting in New York- Effects of the Model Zoning Ordinance-   Padma Kasthurirangan, Niagara Wind & Solar

10:50                         Break • Exhibit Hall Open

11:20–    Session 7:  Tower & Turbine Dynamics: The Force Is Strong!

Moderator:  Jenny Heinzen

The Importance of System Dynamic Modeling for Small Wind Turbines – An Overview-    Paul Migliore PhD, AnemErgonics

Validation of Simplified Load Equations Through Load  Measurements and Modeling of a Small HAWT Tower-    Scott Dana, NREL

12:20                         Small Wind Conference Awards Ceremony

12:35–1:35              Lunch

1:35-    Session 8:  Micro-Grid and Self-Consumptive Systems

Moderator: Roy Butler

What’s New in Energy Storage–An Overview of Nickel Iron and Lithium Battery Technology-    Jim Parish, J-Tech Solar Training 

Energy Storage – Time to Get the Lead Out?-    Roy Butler, Four Winds Renewable Energy

Self-Consumption Zero-Export Inverters-    Ryan Stankevitz, MidNite Solar

2:50                           Break • Exhibit Hall Open

3:20-    Session 9:  SMART Wind Project

SMART Wind: What We Did, and Where To Now?-    Trudy Forsyth and Brent Summerville

Discussion – Led by Mike Bergey, Rob Wills, Jay Yeager

4:35                           Break • Exhibit Hall Open

5:05-    Session 10:    Future of the Small Wind Conference

6:00                           Adjourn and Social in the Exhibit Hall


Stay and Attend the 27th Annual MREA Energy Fair!

Custer, Wisconsin • June 17-19 •


The 2015 Small Wind Conference Agenda

For a downloadable version, please click here