Small Wind Conference Brings Together the Industry for the 12th Annual Event


Once again, the Small Wind Conference lived up to its reputation as the premier small wind event in the United States, with people attending from 21 of the United States, as well as two foreign countries. A total of 66 individuals representing 50 different businesses, manufacturers, organizations, and institutions of higher learning participated in the conference.

The conference, organized by the Small Wind Conference Coordinating Committee, LLC, began on Monday June 13, with the evening’s social in the Exhibition Hall filled with sponsors and exhibitors. The evening’s entertainment featured a small wind “design/build” competition amongst conference participants, with plenty of laughs and smiles all around.

2-tuesday-fun-and-gamesTuesday began with a keynote address by Morten Victor Peterson, Chair of the World Wind Energy Association, based in Germany.  Morten took the audience on a review of the global small wind market opportunities, from a reflection of where we’ve been to where small wind could potentially be headed in the next five years. 

3-mortenFollowing Morten’s keynote address, 13 presenters delved into a variety of issues of interest to the small wind industry, from new turbine development and testing and new support technology developments to lessons in cost reduction from the PV industry and turbines installed in the built environment. An interactive session titled “Where Do We Go from Here?” focused on the issues facing the health and future of the small wind industry.  . This audience participation exercise was one of the highest-rated sessions of the conference.

All of the presentations are available on our presentations page

4-crowd-shotDay two of the Small Wind Conference began with a breakfast for the Women of Small Wind Energy (WoSWE), followed by more presentations and panels throughout the day.  Presentations included lessons learned in siting and resource assessment, battery technology options, and a recap of the SMART Wind Project.  An excellent session was choreographed by Paul Migliore on turbine and tower dynamics.

5-wosweThis year’s Small Wind Installer Award went to Niagara Wind & Solar of Niagara Falls, NY.  A beaming Padma Kasthurirangan accepted the award for Niagara W&S.

6-padmaJay Yeager of Xzeres Wind but from Flagstaff, AZ was awarded with the first ever Small Wind Road Warrior Award for his dedication and creativity in solving problems on the road and in the field.  Jay is another of the most low-key but outstanding small wind installers in the industry. 

In addition to their plaques, installers were presented with their token (but gigantic) wrenches and hardhats, the SWC’s symbols for those who work hard in the trenches of the small wind industry. 

7-jayFinally, Matt Overeem of The WindWay in Glenview, IL, was presented with another first ever award, Outstanding Volunteer.  Matt has been instrumental, not only in promoting the Small Wind Conference, but successfully soliciting donations from some high profile companies that have been  unable to have a presence at the conference.

8-matt2016 saw 11 sponsors help offset the cost of the Small Wind Conference. Sixteen exhibitors, from manufacturers to component suppliers, to consultants and institutions answered conference attendees’ questions about their businesses.

9-exhibitorThe Small Wind Conference Coordinating Committee, LLC would like to thank all who exhibited, participated, and helped with the event.  Our sincerest appreciation goes out to all sponsors and exhibitors for helping to make the conference the success that it was. The participants enjoyed a networking and educational event second-to-none in the small wind world.  

Plans for the 2017 Small Wind Conference are already underway

The 2016 Small Wind Conference was managed by the Small Wind Conference, LLC.

Our support team included:

Samantha Smart-Merritt, SWC Consultant

Maureen Faller, Kettle View Renewable Energy


The Small Wind Conference, LLC:

Roy Butler

Trudy Forsyth

Jenny Heinzen

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